The entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey is on the rise just like all around the world. However, entrepreneurship investments per capita in our country are less than USD 1. Unless this data rises 10 times or more, we cannot talk about a worldwide competition. For this to happen, we need global-scale start-up ideas and more investors. In 2018, there was a peak in Turkey's entrepreneurship ecosystem with an investment of $103 million. This figure exceeded $177 million with private equity investments. Although there was a small decrease afterward, with increasing digitalization, a new wave of growth is inevitable.

The initiatives that receive the most investment is based on technology and digitalization

Internet-based start-ups and software companies were the most invested brands, with 102% increase. Other areas that receive the most investments are real estate, software as a service, Fin-Tech (financial technology) systems, respectively.

Areas that allow start-ups to grow

There are increasing support for the entrepreneurship ecosystem, especially from colleges such as Istanbul Technical University and Middle East Technical University. Places where entrepreneurs can research, produce, get help from experts in their fields, connect with investors, explain their products, and meet with communities are vital for development. One of these places is Facebook Hub.

Facebook Hub within Kolektif House: Co-working Office Design

Kolektif House's new project at Maslak 42, the Facebook Station Area project which combines Habitat and The Facebook Innovation Center, was designed by YOO Architecture. This example of modern interior design, also called Habitat, was opened in 2019 as an Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Center in İstanbul, under cooperation of Facebook and Habitat. For this co-working office design, located in the 900m² area on the ground floor of Maslak 42, a Habitat office which can host 50 people, 4 meeting rooms in the form of lounges, a block chain + marker lab workshop area, a conference area for 120 people and joint workspaces including an amphitheatre were designed. Facebook events will take place in these common areas. For the design, we generally used materials such as gross concrete and OSB. Yoo Architecture also was in charge of the implementation process of the Facebook Hub project. We are happy to be working together on another project of Kolektif House, which set out to support the entrepreneurship culture in Turkey with its target audience. In modern interior design projects such as this co-working office design and fit out, we analyse the needs of the space and the people that are going to use it thoroughly and come up with the most creative and innovative design. 

For more info regarding the Kolektif House please visit https://www.kolektifhouse.co/maslak-ofis/