What are the expectations of the guests from a restaurant while experiencing the world cuisine? Of course, they want to feel the atmosphere of the country, the gastronomy culture of which they experience. When we start a high-end restaurant design project intended to bring the Indian delicacies to the guests, we asked ourselves this question: How could we make someone feel that they are in India without actually going to India? The perception of India in people’s mind is “country of spices”. As a matter of fact, this geography is colorful and vivacious like a store of spices. And thus, as an interior design company, we wanted to add some bright colors, materials and spiritual objects to the project. Another important aspect of this country is that it has lots of mystical values. We made research on the concepts of energy and space adopted in the societal culture and, we’ve designed our location based on these concepts.

What was asked for this luxury restaurant design?

A restaurant that contains indoor and outdoor spaces, where the concept of an Indian restaurant is adopted. This location should address the five senses of the guests and, make them feel that they are taking a journey.

What were the challenges in this interior design project?

We were challenged to design a spatial arrangement. However, we achieved to get through these challenges thanks to the efficient teamwork and practical on-site solutions.

What did we do throughout this high-end restaurant design project?

This was such a luxury restaurant design project that took too much time to complete the research and analysis processes. We’ve made comprehensive research on the Indian culture. We were in pursuit of mythological stories and, wanted to make sure that each small detail refers to this geography and culture. In general, we’ve preferred a style that reflects not only Indian culture, but also the Asian culture as a whole. We’ve made a detailed study on the layout to create the connection between the indoor and outdoor and, the special spaces requested in the location. As an interior design company with global experience in high-end restaurant design we consider comprehensive research is so vital to make the space authentic and unique. We gave particular importance to the Tandoori culture that also closely corresponds to our culture. In India, they cook chicken, fish, meat, vegetables and, chapatti – a regional type of bread – with the Tandoori method. We’ve modernized the area required for this cooking method, resulting a completely new design. We’ve paid great attention to make sure the layout is functional so that the space could be comfortably used, and the guests could genuinely experience the Indian culture. We’ve used vibrant colors to lighten up the space and, designed the lighting fixtures in a way to create the cultural atmosphere we had dreamed of. In luxury restaurant design, creating a comfortable atmosphere is as important as functionality. We created an artwork area with a showcase to reflect this country founded in its distinctive lands not only with its stories and beliefs but also its own arts. We wanted to make sure that this artwork could bring this well-established culture to the guests. As YOO Architecture, we truly believe that each interior design project is an opportunity to take a new journey and, this time, beautiful smells of spices accompanied us during this journey :)