What and Why does a Customer Choose?

It is the design that attracts the visitors to a store and, that starts the relationship with a brand in the luxury retail industry. The materials and lightings used in the modern interior design of a store, the layout of the products, the color palette, the impact of the brand identity on the design, the architectural accessories and, other elements come together and, become a communication tool.

Impact of Luxury Retail Design on Experience at Luxury Retail Store

The retailing trends are turning these locations into an area of experience. That is to say, an area, where a guest could sit, are becoming a small exhibition, where they could walk around, or a café, where they could have something to eat. This turns the location into a living space, where one could spend some time. Unlike the stores for the mainstream, luxury retail is a location, where more customized services are offered. The areas are wider and, the gaps are valuable. That there are different areas at the store addressing all the senses creates an ambiance where the design has an impact on the decision-making process of the guests. For example, the fact that there is nothing else but a signature perfume of a brand in a section softly lightened and, thus there is nothing that could distract the customer away from the perfume indicates the role of the design in the decision-making process. And the mirrors placed at certain points in a way that creates depth in the luxury retail design of a store, and the windows at a certain angle in a way that allows for an optimum level of sunlight make sure that the store has natural lighting. This decreases the level of artificial lighting and, gives some tips on how the products would look during the usage thereof.

Modern Interior Design and Purchasing Process

Thanks to the increase in the number of e-advertisements inside the stores, the mobile compliant store designs, and the functions allowing a customer to buy a product online and, take it physically at the store, the shopping experience is shaped by technology. And the luxury retail customers are now expecting innovative solutions from the brands. Although the architecture has become one of the sectors integrated with technology, the approach called “human touch” is still important in the design of an interior location. In addition to the digital compliant add-ons, the attempts that support the relationships between people give a brand the jump on the other. The factors such as the use of a warm material that triggers the senses in that elegant location, and a beautiful hand-made object, make a difference.