A Journey Towards Luxury Restaurant Fit-Out

To collectively answer the question “What exactly are we going to do there?”, here it is. In Washington DC, we will do all the project management and final implementations of two beautiful but also challenging high-end restaurant fit out projects called AKEDO and SHOTO, one being a Japanese restaurant and the other being a Japanese speakeasy club. We are confident that this small step in the USA, which is a huge leap for us, will be a good start and that there will be more to come in the future. We can hear you say, “All right, we know what a Japanese restaurant is, but what is a speakeasy club?”. The Speakeasy concept was the name given to secret nightclubs that sold alcohol during the prohibition period in the USA during the 1920s. AKEDO, which is also designed based on this idea, is a small fast food restaurant during the day and at night it turns into a large nightclub full of vintage materials that you can pass through Japanese game machines with passwords or tokens. COOL!

High-End Restaurant Fit Out In An Unknown Territory

No matter how excited we already are by the result, the road ahead is filled with blood, sweat and tears. When saying a new country, new project, new system, new culture; we found ourselves in a completely different and challenging adventure, in spite of the fact that we are an experienced interior design company in Turkey that completed a vast number of global projects. In the early days of our visit to Washington DC, we just shuttled between the construction site and our hotel in order to familiarize with the project team and took measurements on the site. Therefore, unfortunately we do not have any touristic photos from Washington DC for this article, but we will definitely have some on our next article. By the way, it is not just Washington, it is Washington DC! Let us not skip this hence, while Washington is a southern state of the United States of America, Washington DC (District of Columbia) is the capital. Our projects are within walking distance of the White House. After completing the one-week site marathon, with a 4-day visit to New York we, both took some breath and also started market research for YOO. As Alicia Keys said in her famous song, this concrete forest where dreams come true immediately drew us in. We loved the architecture, the city plan, and the lifestyle, so we took all the necessary photos and headed back to Washington DC to return the construction site. After spending our final days in Washington DC planning what to do at the construction site until our next visit, we returned to our homeland. We will update and share our adventures with you in the Newsletter from time to time, so continue to miss us and stay tuned!!

A High-End Restaurant Fit Out Project where the Sun Does Not Set: Building Abroad

While the interesting period that we are in influences everything in every part of the world without exception, it affects each and every life in a different way. Despite the fact that we planned to make a Middle East - America comparison in this article, we decided to do that some other time and instead wanted to tell you about our story about our project in the USA. You may find my previous newsletter article here to remember the work we did.

Global Interior Design During A Global Pandemic

In the USA, the coronavirus process divides businesses in two parts which are 'Essential' and 'Non-essential'. While supermarkets, which are in the essential group, continue to operate; stores, which are in the non-essential group, are therefore closed. What about the construction work? Of course, essential! Therefore, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have continued to work steadily, albeit a little slowly. Although this is sometimes advantageous, there are times when our productivity involuntarily decreases. At this point, I owe a debt of gratitude to my teammates, our biggest support comes from our Turkish team with dozens of e-mails every morning filled with thousands of questions and their calls just like a wake-up service. They keep working while we are asleep, and we keep working while they are asleep. Apart from the USA and Turkey, our designer from Japan and our furniture manufacturer from Dubai join us from time to time, allowing us to "master" all the time zones in the world. We learn new things and try to solve new problems every day. It is a challenging and beautiful experience to do a ‘’literally’’ multinational project. As an interior design company, our vast experience in the field taught us that adapting to new and unexpected conditions easily is as important as design and construction.

When it comes to the everyday life, there is a “stay home order” in Washington DC, which means “do not go out unless it is mandatory ”. Therefore, streets are empty, we can only see people going to the shopping or doing sports. If you want to enter the stores, a mask is mandatory and only a certain number of people are allowed in. Especially on the weekends, the city is a full-on outdoor gym, you can adapt better to the environment if you just walk, run, or lie on the grass and do a couple sit-ups. It is sometimes sorrowful to be away from our families and loved ones, but we take full advantage of the technology and push the boundaries. So, what happens now? Although the return is not clear as the flights are still off, we are looking forward to the arrival of the assembly team from Turkey, as we focus on the progress of the high-end restaurant fit out projects. Hoping to provide better news in the next article.

Love from the USA.